1. This Security Policy forms part of the Trade Office Terms of Service governing your use of the Site and Services. The Site functions as a business-to-business international marketplace and trading platform. Given the nature of the Internet, Members and Users must be aware of the risks of entering into online transactions. This Security Policy aims to manage such risks and encourage safer security practices for Members and Users.
    2. By agreeing to the Trade Office Terms of Service, you acknowledge that you have had sufficient chance to read and understand this Security Policy, and that you agree to be bound by its terms.
    Unless otherwise stated, capitalised terms have the same meaning as those set forth in the Trade Office Terms of Service. Certain sections of this Security Policy will have terms particular only to that section and they are defined at the start.
    1. Trade Office does not collect or disclose Member and User personal information except in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Members and Users must be aware that Trade Office will not seek to obtain any passwords, credit card information, or other sensitive information through emails. If you receive emails requesting personal information, it is safer to assume that it is a phishing scam and report it to Trade Office immediately.
    2. Account Security
      Members are expected to keep their passwords secure and maintain any security systems on their computers pursuant to clause 4 of the Trade Office Terms of Service. Some security measures Members and Users can implement include, but are not exclusive to:
      1. setting a good password;
      2. changing passwords regularly;
      3. updating and keeping account details accurate;
      4. ensuring that secure websites (“https://”) are used when entering sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers; and
      5. ensuring that details are entered unto the correct sign-in pages.
    3. Computer Security
      Some security measures Members and Users can implement include, but are not exclusive to:
      1. installing and maintaining anti-virus software;
      2. ensuring that all software are kept up-to-date;
      3. checking your computer’s security settings;
      4. exercising care when opening email attachments from unfamiliar sources;
      5. not installing unfamiliar programs and applications; and
      6. block pop-up advertising.
    1. Members and Users acknowledge that any transactions form between them and another Member or User. The Site and its owner do not become a party to such a transaction. Members and Users agree that they undertake their own due diligence and enquiries regarding any transactions they enter into.
    2. Buyer Safety
      Members and Users who wish to purchase goods from a Seller through Trade Office must conduct proper due-diligence before entering into a transaction. The Buyer can take steps including, but not exclusive to:
      1. using online and offline methods to verify the Seller’s identity;
      2. obtaining any bank reference letters from the Seller’s bank, credit checks, or independent audit reports (if available);
      3. confirming the Seller’s authorised officers;
      4. ordering samples to confirm quality of the goods prior to finalising the transaction;
      5. searching online for any adverse comments and reviews against the Seller;
      6. considering the length of time the Seller has been a member of Trade Office; and
      7. using escrow methods of payment for Sellers that you are not familiar with.
    3. Seller Safety
      Members and Users who wish to sell goods to a Buyer through Trade Office must conduct proper due-diligence before entering into a transaction. The Seller can take steps including, but not exclusive to:
      1. using online and offline methods to verify the Buyer’s identity;
      2. exercising caution with companies from countries that have a reputation for fraudulent transactions;
      3. exercising caution with uncommonly large or urgent orders; and
      4. exercising caution with Buyers who have not expressed interest in the cost, quality, delivery details, and related information.
    1. The terms of this section applies to Members only.
    2. Types of Disputes
      Trade Office has the right to handle and Members submit to the authority of Trade Office with regards to the following trade disputes:
      1. failure of delivery of goods;
      2. non-receipt of goods;
      3. goods not fit for the purpose or are materially different from what was agreed on;
      4. breach of warranties;
      5. non-payment of purchase price; and
      6. any other trade disputes, at Trade Office’s sole discretion.
    3. Submission for Complaint Resolution
      1. The Buyer or the Seller may submit a complaint application to Trade Office using a contact us form.
      2. The Trade Office will issue a notice of acceptance of the trade complaint to both parties by email within 3 Business Days of receiving a dispute application.
      3. Upon the acceptance of a trade complaint, the Buyer and the Seller must provide Trade Office with all necessary supporting evidence within 20 days upon Trade Office’s notification of acceptance of the trade complaint. Such supporting evidence includes, but is not exclusive to:
        1. the contract or transaction terms agreed and entered into by the Buyer and the Seller;
        2. any communications between the Buyer and the Seller, such as emails, letters, and text messages;
        3. evidence of payment;
        4. evidence of refund;
        5. evidence of shipment or postage;
        6. evidence of delivery;
        7. evidence of receipts;
        8. evidence that goods are not fit for purpose or materially different from what was agreed on; and
        9. any expert or independent reports.
      4. If the Buyer or the Seller fails to provide the necessary supporting evidence within time, Trade Office in its sole discretion may refuse to hear the trade complaint. The Buyer or the Seller may elect to re-enliven the trade complaint by filing another complaint application.
      5. Once Trade Office receives both parties’ submissions and supporting evidence, they will decide the trade complaint according to its sole discretion. Trade Office may also require both parties to submit further supporting evidence. Trade Office reserves its right to suspend either parties’ accounts at any time during the Complaint Resolution process.
    4. Determination of a Trade Complaint
      1. The Buyer and the Seller acknowledge and agree that Trade Office has the right to unilaterally determine a trade complaint and that both parties will submit to any determination that Trade Office may impose, including requirements for specific performance of either parties’ obligations and any other obligations that Trade Office deems fit for the nature of the trade complaint.
      2. Unless negotiated otherwise, the Buyer and the Seller cannot request Trade Office to impose any increased prices, quantities, or supplement the original terms of the contract or transaction document.
      3. If goods are detained by customs because the goods violate the Prohibited Items Listing Policy, then both parties will be deemed liable.
      4. If goods are destroyed, damaged, or their delivery is delayed due to Force Majeure events, then the allocation of risk and loss will be decided based on the contract or transaction document entered into by the parties. If not specified, the risk and loss will be allocated according to the United Nations Convention on Contracts of International Sales of Goods and the International Commercial Terms.
      5. On finding liability on the Seller, the Buyer or both the Buyer and the Seller, Trade Office reserves the right to terminate the responsible party’s or parties’ memberships without refunding any membership fees or other services fees. Trade Office also has the right to publish the record of such a termination on the Site and other information platforms.
    1. The Trade Office offers Verification Services to gold and platinum Members, which is provided in conjunction with Dun and Bradstreet. The Verification Services aims to protect buyers and sellers from any risks involved when engaging with new businesses.
    2. The Verification Services will verify credit, business, and legal information as well as company ownership, capitalisation, financial and legal status, any growth or decline trends, and trading analysis.
    3. Generally, the Verification will confirm the following details:
      1. that the business exists and is operational;
      2. business proprietor’s identity;
      3. business type;
      4. registration details and current status;
      5. historical data, including any previously used and registered business names;
      6. any negative events; and
      7. corporate family trees.
    4. The Trade Office Verification Services consists of two stages:
      1. authentication—whereby Trade Office will engage the services of Dun and Bradstreet to confirm that your company’s legal identity and operations; and
      2. verification—whereby Trade Office will engage the services of Dun and Bradstreet to confirm that the contact person named on the business’ Trade Office registration is employed or associated with that company.
    5. Once a gold or platinum Member is “verified” by Trade Office, Members can:
      1. display the “verified” mark on their homepage;
      2. be highlighted on any business or company searches on the Site; and
      3. be provided with priority listing on Site searches.